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Teknillinen tiedekunta, 2015

Adesina, Damilola Simeon

Interfacing IEC 61850-9-2 Process Bus Data to a Simulation Environment

Ohjaaja/Valvoja (DI):
Mohammed Elmusrati, Kimmo Kauhaniemi
Communications and System Engineering
Master's Degree Programme in Telecommunication Engineering
Tutkielman kieli:
IEC 61850 – Communication and networks in substations is the standard for building communication infrastructure between the different Intelligent Electronic devices (IEDs) in the substation automation system. It consists of several parts which include Specific Communication and Service Mapping for the transmission of sampled values (defined in part 9–2 of the standard). The Sampled value communication is a high speed, time critical Ethernet based communication for the transfer of data over the network. It defines the sampling rate and time synchronization requirement of the system.

The main purpose of this thesis is to extract sampled value data (four voltages, four currents) from a PCAP data file captured over the network in the ‘Sundom Smart Grid’ environment and convert the data into the format needed for analysis on PSCAD simulation tool. This thesis serves as an interface between the real Smart Grid environment and the test environment in the University of Vaasa.

This thesis explains fundamental concepts that relate to IEC 61850, and the Sampled Value in particular. It describes the frame structure of sampled value and a software application has been developed based on WinPcap Application Program Interface (API) to extract the data points needed and fulfill the data format requirement of the PSCAD which is adaptable for use in MATLAB.
IEC 61850–9–2, Sampled Values, WinPcap, Wireshark, PSCAD
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