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Note: Customer service opening hours: Mon-Thu 11-18 and Fri 11-16. Saturdays self-service.
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At the library you can book one of 12 rooms for group study sessions or meetings.

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Library services during self-service hours

During spring, the library has extended self-service hours. We will test self-service all day on Saturdays, and on weekdays, there will be self-service during the last opening hour. You can check opening hours and service hours on our website.

What can I do during self-service hours?

During self-service hours, you can use the library facilities and equipment as usual. You can borrow and return with a self-service machine, also reservations. If you have forgotten your library card at home, you can use your mobile library card in your Finna account!


Through your Finna account, you can also:

  • Pay overdue fees (log in -> fees)
  • Change PIN, if you cannot remember it (log in -> change PIN). Remember to use the same e-mail address as in your Finna profile.

How can I contact the library?

You can get personal service during service hours (Mon-Thu 11-18, Fri 11-16). You can also contact the library by e-mail, phone, the online form or through chat. We will answer your question within 72 h on weekdays. Contact information:, 029 449 8258.


Video surveillance in the library

Note that there are recording security cameras in the library. If self-service borrowing is not possible, do not bring the material outside the library. Return it through the return machine. According to the user rules, the customer is obliged to compensate for lost or damaged material. Identifying information and video surveillance photos can be handed over to the police, if necessary.


Progress in negotiations with Taylor & Francis – re-established access to collections

The negotiations between FinELib and Taylor & Francis have progressed. FinELib and Taylor & Francis have reached a mutual understanding of the main principles in the future agreement: access to journals and open access publishing. The negotiations on the details of the agreement continue. The parties' objective is to complete the agreement during the beginning of this year (2020).

Taylor & Francis has re-established access to journals to the organizations who had subscriptions to T&F journal packages in 2018. FinELib will share full details about the agreement when it has been finalised.


Read more about the ongoing negotiations:

Finnish newspapers available for research use through Tutkain project

University of Vaasa and VAMK have joined the Tutkain project, administered by The National Library of Finland and Kopiosto, for 2020-2022. Thanks to the Tutkain project, researchers at the 15 participating universities and universities of applied sciences will be able to use Finnish newspapers and magazines from 1930–2018 digitised by the National Library.  Research use here refers to non-commercial scientific or artistic research, reports, theses or final projects completed by students, researchers and other members of teaching and research staff at Finnish higher education institutions participating in Tutkain.

You can access the material by logging in to the service with HAKA login. When logging in for the first time, you have to fill in an authorisation form. The agreement allows users to read, browse, research, and carry out machine-based analyses of the material.

You can find a link to the digitised material through the Finna portals of University of Vaasa and VAMK.
Digitised newspapers and magazines from the period 1771-1929 are openly accessible for everyone online.

Further information:
Project website:
Project contact persons in Tritonia: Katri Rintamäki,; Hanna Erkinheimo,

Pearson e-textbooks on trial at University of Vaasa

University of Vaasa now has trial access to Pearson e-books through VitalSource Bridge. The trial lasts until 15.3.2020 and includes the following books:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: Systems for Decision Support (10th global ed., Turban, Sharda & Delen, 2015)
  • Contemporary Logistics (12th global ed., Murphy & Knemeyer, 2018)
  • Corporate Governance Matters (2nd ed., Larcker & Tayan, 2016)
  • Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction (6th ed., Shneiderman et al., 2018)
  • Designing User Experience (4th global ed., Benyon, 2019)
  • Economics (2nd global ed., Acemoglu, Laibson & List, 2019)
  • Essentials of Organizational Behavior (14th global ed., Robbins & Judge, 2018)
  • Exploring Strategy (11th ed., Johnson et al., 2017)
  • Fundamentals of Web Development (1st global ed., Connolly & Hoar, 2015)
  • International Business: A Managerial Perspective (9th global ed., Griffin & Pustay, 2020)
  • International Economics: Theory and Policy (11th global ed., Krugman, Obstfeld & Melitz, 2018)
  • Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives (9th global ed., Hull, 2018)
  • Principles of Marketing (17th global ed., Kotler & Armstrong, 2018)
  • Systems Architecture (1st global ed., Cameron, Crawley & Selva, 2016)

Open the book by clicking ’One day access’/’Activate’ and then ’Launch’. You can skip creating an account by choosing ’No thanks, I’ll skip this step’. Finally accept the user terms, and the book will open. By creating an account and downloading the Bookshelf app you can also read books offline and add notes and highlights.


You can find VitalSource Bridge in the database list in Finna ( For remote access, use HAKA login.


If you have questions or comments, please e-mail:

New e-books for University of Vaasa

New e-book packages have been purchased for University of Vaasa from 2020:

  • Emerald eBooks for 2020 includes access to all books in Emerald Business, Management & Economics, and Social Sciences – a total of approx. 2,500 titles. During the year, 100 titles will be chosen from the collection for permanent access.
  • Taylor & Francis eBooks. Topics in the Interdisciplinary Collections packages are Green Technology & Energy (115 titles) and AI & Machine Learning (64 titles).
  • Alma Talent Bisneskirjasto includes about 90 Alma Talent e-books in Finnish in the fields of business economics, marketing and management. About ten new books per year are added to Bisneskirjasto.

The e-book services can be found through University of Vaasa Finna (


More information and feedback:

Changes in library service hours from 7.1.2020 - opening hours remain the same

The service hours for the library’s customer service will change 7.1.2020. Customer service will be open Mon-Thu 11-18 and Fri 11-16. At other times, the building will be open on a self-service basis and you can borrow and return collections with a self-service machine.

During spring, we will test self-service Saturdays, which means that the facilities and collections are available as usual, but the customer service is closed.

The background for the changes is fewer staff resources in 2020 as well as the need to allocate resources for the comprehensive work with collections due to the move.


Further information:

Head of user and web services Jonna Toukonen

Welcome, new student!

Tritonia will support your studies already from the beginning. Start using the library services through these links:


Apply for a library card online

The easiest way to apply for a library card is to fill in the online library card form in advance. To activate the card, you have to bring your ID to the library.


Take a virtual tour in the library

The 3D models of the library will help you find the resources on each floor.


Read the info package for new customers

The guide for new customers includes all you need to know about the library facilities, PCs, printers and information searching.

Library Card

Have you read today's newspapers?

You can easily read newspapers and other interesting magazines online, both at the library and at home! As our customer, you have access to two newspaper services, brought to you by your university.



  • A wide range of local and regional newspapers all around the country, for example Helsingin Sanomat, Aamulehti, Pohjalainen, Vasabladet, and Hbl.
  • Access at the library and in the facilities of University of Vaasa, Novia, Hanken and VAMK:
  • Note: The number of simultaneous users is limited.
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EduLab supports the development of teaching and learning in higher education. Its main expertise areas are development of the use of ICT in education, production of digital learning material and consultation in both technical and pedagogical issues.

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