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Opening hours

Wed 14.04 11:00 - 16:00
Thu 15.04 11:00 - 16:00
Complete opening hours and exceptions

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The reading spots and group study rooms are closed Read more

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Loans service
Info service 06 328 5136
Street address Runeberginkatu 8
68600 Pietarsaari

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Opening hours

Wed 14.04 9:00 - 16:00
Thu 15.04 9:00 - 16:00
Note: Self-service Tue-Thu 9:00-12:00, Friday self-service all day.
Complete opening hours and exceptions


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New e-resource for University of Vaasa - Sage Research Methods

University of Vaasa now has access to Sage Research Methods. The database contains books, reference works, articles and videos on research methods – over 1,000 titles in all.


Access is available via Finna portal and LibGuides. Books and reference works included in the database can also be found by title in Finna.


Do you want to learn more? Join the Sage Research Methods webinar on Tuesday 16th February at 15:00 via Zoom.


See also:
Sage Research Methods Libguide
Sage Research Methods Help


Please send your feedback and questions to:

Oxford University Press Journals available for University of Vaasa

University of Vaasa now has access to Oxford University Press Journals. The subscription includes 368 journals in social sciences, science & mathematics, law, and arts & humanities starting from 1996. See list of journals here.


Access is available via Finna portal and LibGuides. Remote use is possible via Haka login.


For more information and feedback, please contact

New e-books and e-journals for VAMK

New e-resources have been opened for VAMK University of Applied Sciences:


Sage Premier
Access to over 900 journal titles in health sciences, humanities, business and management, science, education and engineering. Full text is generally available from 1999.


Alma Talent Verkkokirjahylly 
The subscription now includes all titles – nearly 600 Finnish e-books in business, law and administration.


KauppakamariTieto: Ammattikirjasto
About 150 e-books in Finnish in the fields of business economics, management and marketing.


E-resources can be found through VAMK Finna and LibGuides.

Tritonia’s services during spring 2021

This message will be updated with new information on the library’s services if necessary. Please observe that the COVID-19 epidemic situation is constantly changing and changes in services may occur with short notice.  

[Updated 1.4.2021: A maximum of 10 persons can visit the library simultaneously 1.4-]


Library open with limited service

The library is open with limited service only. Opening hours are Mon 11-17, Tue-Fri 11-16. You can visit the library to borrow and return books on a self-service basis. Reading spots, reading rooms and group study rooms are closed (we follow the instructions of the authorities and the University of Vaasa).


  • Before you come to the library, check that the books you want to borrow are available, also check their location (use the shelf map). Check also that your PIN-code works, without the PIN you cannot borrow with the borrowing machine. Contact the library in advance, if you have any questions. Only quick library visits are allowed (max. 20 min.)
  • You can get assistance online by chat, phone or e-mail or by pressing the call button at the service desk Mon-Fri 14-16. Only quick service, for example pickup of library cards, is given at the service desk. For more comprehensive information service, please contact us through chat, phone or e-mail.
  • The copying machine and a few computer are in use for quick printing/scanning/copying


Safe library visits - read the instructions before you come to the library!

A maximum of 10 persons can visit the library simultaneously. Entrance only through the main door. Custodians will monitor the number of persons entering the library.


When you come to the library:

  1. Take a shopping basket at the library entrance. Use the key in the basket to open the library door
  2. Keep the basket with you during the entire library visit
  3. If all baskets are in use, wait for a basket in the lobby or outside


Every library visitor can act to ensure that the library can be kept open: Use a face mask when visiting the library, keep safety distances (2m), keep a good hand hygiene and don’t visit the library if you are ill!



You can return your books through the return box on the seaside of the library, the return box is open around the clock (photo of return box)

You can send and return the book by mail to the address: Tritonia PL 331 65101 Vaasa. Please also send an e-mail to


New customers and library card

We ask new customers to fill in the library card application form online to avoid queues when picking up the card.


What if I have forgotten my PIN code?

You can change your PIN code in Finna. The link for changing PIN can be found in the login window, it is visible only when you have logged out.  When changing PIN code, use the same e-mail address as in your Finna account.


Tritonia operates in the facilities of University of Vaasa and the university decides on guidelines for the facilities.








Library’s opening hours

Tritonia Vaasa will be open Monday to Thursday 8-18 and Friday 8-16 from 31.8. The service desk is open Mon-Thu 11-17 and Fri 11-16. You can also borrow and return books between 8.00 and 11.00 on a self-service basis.


Tritonia Allegro, Jakobstad will be open Mon-Thu 9-16 and Fri 9-12 from. 31.8. Self-service Tue-Thu 9-12 and Friday whole day.



To prevent infection, we ask our customers to keep a good hand hygiene and keep a distance of 2 m to other customers and staff.


Do not visit the library if you have flu symptoms, even mild symptoms.


New customers and library card

We ask new customers to fill in the library card application form online to avoid queues when picking up the card. As safety distances must be kept, avoid picking up the library card in groups.


Library study facilities 

About half of the reading spots and computer stations are in use, and safety distances must be kept also when using these. Some of the group study rooms can be booked.


The number of persons in the facilities is limited. The maximum number of persons allowed in each room is stated on the door.


Library reading rooms and keycards

Keycards are not in use during the autumn term. Only the larger reading room is in use, and only when the library is open. Entrance to the reading room only from the library, the entrance through the back door is closed. The smaller reading room is closed.


If you still have a key card for the spring term, please return it to Tritonia’s custodians. No overdue fee will be charges for keycards returned during the autumn term.


You can also return your keycard by mail to the address: Tritonia Academic Library in Vaasa, Custodians, PL 331, 65101 Vaasa. Note: To ensure that the keycard doesn’t fall out of the envelope, attach it to a piece of cardboard with tape, for example.


Info package for distance students

If you are studying completely or partly on distance during the autumn term, read our info package for distance students.


Education and guidance

  • Information literacy education and library tours will primarily be arranged online
  • Information service is given online
  • The library's publication and research services are available online
  • EduLab's support services for digital teaching are available online

E-resources and online services

The e-resources are available as usual and they can also be accessed remotely outside campus. Log in to Tritonia Finna with your university username to access the e-resources.

Many other library services can also be used online remotely. Through Tritonia Finna, you can reserve books, pay overdue fees, reset your PIN if you have forgotten it, and update personal data. 

Use these online services

  • Tritonia Finna
  • LibGuides
  • Chat ( on the frontpage and in Libguides)
  • Online service forms
  • E-mail and phone:
    • Loans services 029 449 8258,
    • Information service 029 449 8258,
    • Janitors 029-449 8250,
    • Staff contact information

This message will be updated with more information on the library services and the exceptional situation, if necessary.


Tritonia operates in the facilities of University of Vaasa and follows the university guidelines regarding the coronavirus situation:

Studying on distance? Information on library services for distance students

Are you taking distance courses, studying at the open university or in a degree programme elsewhere? We have collected FAQ on distance studies and library services.


Read the info package for distance students


Note that our customer service also is available remotely through e-mail (, phone (029 449 8258)
and chat. The service Book a tutorial and information literacy education will mainly be given remotely during autumn.

Read full story


EduLab supports the development of teaching and learning in higher education. Its main expertise areas are development of the use of ICT in education, production of digital learning material and consultation in both technical and pedagogical issues.

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Enhancing Your Productivity and Optimizing your Workflow (short session)28.04.
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