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Students of University of Vaasa, VAMK and Novia can access Tritonia’s facilities outside opening hours with a key that you can order from the University of Vaasa online shop for 25 € (deposit fee). Log in to the shop with your HAKA username (*). After ordering the key, you can collect it at the custodians’ desk in the library the next working day after 12.00. Bring a photo ID and the order number from the order confirmation with you.

The key is valid for three years but using it requires a valid student card. If your studies continue, you can extend the validity period.

The deposit fee (25 €) will be refunded to your account within about a month after you have returned the key to the library’s custodians.

With the key, you can access the library when it is closed (the hours will be announced later for the autumn), through the entrance door (L4) facing the city centre. Open the door by using the reader, not the lock. 

The library premises are in use with an access key only from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. You have to leave the premises by 12 p.m. at the latest.

If you want to stay in the library after the closing time, you have to access the building with the key through the entrance towards the city centre (L4).

In the evenings and at night, a security guard will check that students inside the library have a key and a student card.

The key is personal and may under no circumstances be transferred to other persons. It is not allowed to let anyone else in. You are personally responsible for the use of the key. Unless the rules are followed or if there are any disturbances in the library, the library has the right to withdraw the rights to use the key.

For any questions regarding access keys, please contact:

(*) If you have problems with the online shop, please contact:

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