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Teknillinen tiedekunta, 2014

Kreuzer, Andreas

Application of Axiomatic Design to Electric Bicycles

Ohjaaja/Valvoja (DI):
Jussi Kantola
Kauppatieteiden maisteri
Master's Degree Programme in Industrial Management
Tutkielman kieli:
Market conditions and the situation inside electric bicycle producing companies require a product development process which ensures that customer requirements are met and problems in product design are identified at an early stage. Therefore, this research takes an analytical approach towards the development of electric bicycles by applying Axiomatic Design, which offers both a holistic framework for product development as well as analytical mapping in between the individual steps of the design process. The application is done as a case study at a German electric bicycle manufacturing company and based on a collection of customer feedback as well as the contribution of the company’s management. In the design process, functional requirements and design parameters are formulated and a design matrix is created to identify and resolve coupling issues. Further, constraints such as price, weight and ease of use are taken into account and process variables for practical implementation are suggested. The study results in recommendations for a specifications sheet of a new electric bicycle model. It is concluded that Axiomatic Design is of substantial advantage to the case company’s product development. Future research is suggested to improve the level of detail and quality of electric bicycles designed by Axiomatic Design.
Axiomatic Design, Electric Bicycles, Generic Product Development, Quality Function Deployment
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