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Teknillinen tiedekunta, 2014

Pakka, Lasse

Utilisation of transformer condition monitoring data

Ohjaaja/Valvoja (DI):
Erkki Antila
Sähkö- ja energiatekniikan koulutusohjelma (DI)
Tutkielman kieli:
Electricity grids are getting older and demand of electricity is rising. The critical com-ponents in electricity transmission systems should be monitored for assessing the need for maintenance. The electricity grid works more reliable when the condition infor-mation of important components are available continuously and thus larger catastrophic failures are preventable.
Transformers are one of the critical components in electricity transmission. It is im-portant that they operate continuously. Transformers are reliable and long life compo-nents but the older the transformer is, the more sensitive it is about to fail. Condition monitoring provides improved data on the condition of transformer. With on-line condi-tion monitoring it is possible to detect developing failures and then a corrective action can be made in time.
This study focuses on the utilization of transformer condition monitoring system in tra-ditional grid and in upcoming smart grid. The aim is to find out, where the condition monitoring data is needed in electricity transmission and distribution system manage-ment and how it is possible to carry the information to right place.
This thesis introduces first the basics of a power system, the construction of a trans-former, transformer condition monitoring methods and condition monitoring data pro-cess. After that the management of a power system within traditional and smart grid is analyzed. The asset management process of both type power systems is explored through case study of transformer failure situations. In traditional power system the transformer maintenance bases mostly on time scheduled inspections. In smart grid the management is all time aware on the condition information of transformers which al-lows using of better fault prevention strategies.
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