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Aslani, Alireza

Private Sector Investment in Renewable Energy Industry in Developing countries

Ohjaaja/Valvoja (DI):
Dr.Marja Naaranoja
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Tutkielman kieli:
Today, a meaningful growth exists in energy demand caused by economic and social development. Therefore, one of the important factors of world’s energy production systems is security of energy supply. Energy security concerns along with consumption growth are rapidly rising in importance for both developed and developing countries. In response, electricity generation from renewable energy resources is one option that contributes dependency reduction on imported energy and provides social and environmental benefits.
To have sustainable electricity generation from renewable energy resources economically competitive, more privatization is needed. In this thesis, the researchers are to recognize the targeted factors considered by t private sector to improve their participation in electricity generation market from renewable sources in the selected case study, Iran. After that, different perspectives of RE stakeholders (beneficiaries) to encourage participation of private investments are reviewed. To close the attitudes and perspectives, a recommendations package is also presented in two levels of operational and strategic Finally, selecting the optimal renewable sources for investment from private sector viewpoint, and reviewing different polices and support schemes of a successful case in adoption of renewables are other subject discussed in the thesis.
Renewable energy alternative, private sector, investment criteria, developing countries, Iran
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