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Peltoniemi, Timo

APPLICATIONS IN INDUSTRIAL POWER SYSTEMS BASED ON IEC 61850 STANDARD, Case Emergency Load Shedding and Reactive Power Control

Ohjaaja/Valvoja (DI):
Jouni Lampinen
Tietotekniikka (KTM)
Tietotekniikan koulutusohjelma (DI)
Tutkielman kieli:
Power management applications require information from the electrical networks they are controlling. Traditionally these signals are implemented with hardwired cabling requiring a remarkable share of design and installation work, as well as, expenses during system implementation. Electromagnetic interferences and long distances in industrial environments also expose these systems to malfunctions. IEC 61850 defines a standardized means of communication between devices and solves these problems. This thesis studies the applicability of IEC 61850 in power management systems for industrial installations.

The content of the standard and its use in industrial projects was studied from the design, maintenance, and implementation point of view. The functional suitability was verified with a test system based on load shedding and reactive power control applications. The study relied on material from standard publications, technical articles, information sources on the Internet and other thesis works within the scope of the subject.

IEC 61850 changes the tools and the design process for the implementation of a power management system. It places new requirements to the documentation, where signal lists and functional descriptions are emphasized in order to describe the functionality of the system. The need to give training to the design personnel and customers regarding communication technologies is essential for the maintenance and especially for maintaining information security. According to the functional testing IEC 61850 was demonstrated an applicable technology in power management application and it was also discovered to facilitate new solutions by using the capability of fast communication between devices.
Industrial electrical network, Power management, Process automation, IEC 61850
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