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Kultanen, Mikko

Value stream analysis on SCR production

Ohjaaja/Valvoja (DI):
Petri Helo
Kauppatieteiden maisteri
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Wärtsilä has been selling selective catalytic reduction systems since the 1990s but has started their production just lately. The purpose of this study is to analyse a delivery project of Wärtsilä SCR system by using a lean tool Value stream mapping. Value stream mapping illustrates different manufacturing processes, their relation to each other and contains a timeline that shows the duration of the whole process. Value stream mapping is used to describe actual state of the process and it can be used to detect possible improvements points.

Data for this study has been collected from interviews, both formal and informal team meetings, and visits to Wärtsilä‟s suppliers. Interviewees included ten people working on this delivery projects both in Wärtsilä and their suppliers. There was a great variation in the roles of the interviewees including engineering, purchasing, project management manufacturing among others.

Research methodology for this thesis was case study and it does not aim to extrapolate findings to other industries. This study prefers to illustrate how Value Stream Mapping can be used to analyse the Selective Catalytic Reduction system production with its special characteristics.

Conclusion of this study found a few improvement points that Wärtsilä should focus on in future delivery projects. Current status of delivery project was defined by mapping manufacturing processes and their durations. This study sees VSM as a useful tool to improve and enhance the manufacturing process of SCR systems.
Lean, Value Stream Mapping, manufacturing, Selective Catalytic Reduction
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