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Prokopyeva, Elena

Remodeling the Public System of Child Protection in Russia: Implementing American Experience into the Russian Practice

Ohjaaja/Valvoja (DI):
Amr Sabet
Hallintotieteiden maisteri
Hallintotiede : julkisjohtamisen ohjelma
Master's Degree Programme in Intercultural Studies in Communication and Administration
Tutkielman kieli:
Nowhere is the gulf between economic stability and social impoverishment in the region more apparent than in the growing numbers of children in public care. For the last 2-3 decades the Children Protection Sector became an integrated part of administrative sciences and an area of significant public concern.

Today most of the literature on this topic reveals problems and dilemmas facing the Public Child Protection System. Much has been said both on the non-capacity of Government to provide the adequate protection to catch up with the growing public needs as well as inefficiency of its support policies, yet often unnoticeable remains the rendered support and effectual help, primarily being the result of the system operation.

For Russia the situation is especially devastating with the numbers of children deprived of parental care exceeding the numbers after the Great Patriotic War, and still constantly growing. The genuine interest of the present study is to reveal the underlying paradigms of the system ineffectiveness, while looking for optimal alternatives to further its successful operation. The problem seems to be set deeply within the country’s organizational and administrative structure. The Aim of this study is to elaborate a more coherent Model on the Children Administration that could be applicable to the Russian system of organization and development and responsive to problem of Children Orphanhood in the country. Analysis of the previous failures and mistakes, consideration of the new developments and international experience exchange are laid into the model’s elaboration.

By introducing the model of organization of the USA in comparison, for the Russian system the necessity of proposed structural changes, together with the revision of principles of cooperation at both vertical and horizontal levels of authority become evident. Comparing certain elements of both systems, further consideration is given to the applicability of particular elements of the American system to the system of Russia that may become essential for its operational improvement. In this context, together with organizational and structural reforms, significant attention will be given to resources redirection and development of services and standards of care.

Elaboration of the Improved Model on Child Protection may contribute to objective understanding of the processes’ flows within the system, more circumspectly to control operations and allocate the tasks at all the levels of authority, and to bring the reasoned cooperation and resource interchange among the authorized agencies. The visualization of operation of the whole system of child protection both on horizontal and vertical levels of authority may facilitate to envisage results and occurrence of certain events, to avail of possibilities for planning and to conceive changes for situation improvement.
child protection; reform; model on administration; comparison; improvement
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