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Hallintotieteiden tiedekunta, 2009

Jonas, Sadio


Ohjaaja/Valvoja (DI):
Amr Sabet
Master of Administrative Sciences
Public Administration
Master's Degree Programme in Intercultural Studies in Communication and Administration
Tutkielman kieli:
In recent decades there has been a paradigm shift in Public Administrative thought from the classical ideas of government, to an approach which is seen as the future of governing termed Governance.

This study sought to investigate whether or how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is being employed within Public Administrative systems in terms of providing culturally responsive service which furthers the aims of governance and its practical end Good Governance. To focus the inquiry, the following two research questions were posed.

Is Information and Communication Technology (ICT) being used as a tool in reshaping of public administrative systems in keeping with the structural and participatory demands of Governance/Good Governance?

If ICT is being used toward the structural and participatory aims of Good Governance how are these changes responsive to, or reflective of, the environmental culture in which the administrative system operates?

The, national ICT strategy documents and resulting ICT initiatives of the U.S.A, the Philippines, Guyana, Estonia, and Kenya were examined through the prism of the Governance Theory for intended use of ICT in organizational structure, participation, Knowledge Management and cultural responsiveness.

Upon analysis of the material it was found that all five nations had intended to, and did use ICT to shape public sector organizational structure and to provide culturally responsive service. In so doing, these nations are furthering the aims of Good Governance as defined by Governance Theory.

Information Communication Technology, ICT, organizational structure, culture, governance, Knowledge Management, public sphere, participation, mobile technology, e-Governance, m-Governance, Public Admi
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