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Teknillinen tiedekunta, 2007

Eränen, Heidi

CMMI based development of research and development processes: Risk management in research and development projects

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Josu Takala
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Many companies have difficulties to meet their business objectives with the traditional ways of developing the products. The complexity of products has increased while software has become part of many new applications. Many have decided to answer this challenge by process improvement initiatives.

This constructive research aims to help the case company in improving its processes. First step is to find out the most beneficial process for improvements. Next step is to investigate the current status of the chosen process and the existing constraints and demands for the process. Third step is to improve the process based on the earlier findings and theory, which is done using best practice model CMMI.

Risk management was chosen to be the most beneficial process for improvements based on the CMMI appraisal. The current state analysis was conducted based on the CMMI appraisal findings and additional analysis, e.g. interviews and questionnaire. The new solution was formulated based on risk management theory, interviews and pilots.

The result of the research, an improved risk management process and workshop, was formulated and introduced in the case company. It helps to manage project risks by taking into account the different risk types, different stakeholders as well severity of the risks. It also gives the management a clear view of risk status of a project. The result was approved and taken into use in the case company.
Process Improvement, CMMI, Risk Management
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