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Teknillinen tiedekunta, 2007

Luoma, Ville

Methods To Improve Testing Effectiveness In Product Development Process

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Tauno Kekäle
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Fast adaptation to the chancing customer demands has become one of the key issues, when talking today s product development process. Since companies in the northern Europe cannot anymore compete with cheap prises, has fast development process come as a living condition. This means that today's development process has to face huge challenges, especially when looking products using the complex embedded systems:
How can we verify the functionality of the complex systems, in very short time period? This Master s Thesis gives short review few of those existing methods that can be used to improve the testing effectiveness.

This research has been executed with action analytical method. First step in the research was to search the phase of the testing, which takes longest time in the product development, followed by review of the existing methods and researches. Finally, based on the literature, research divides in the two solutions. One of these solutions offers way of systematically to the prioritization of the testing resources. Other solution bases on the method, which leads to automatism of testing and this way shorten test time. Finally, the first method is used with the test group and research ends with recommendations of the next actions.
Testaus, Riskianalyysi, FMEA, Priorisointi
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