Higher education pedagogy, 60 ECTS

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Why? The 60 ECTS study module in higher education pedagogy is reflective, practical and research based and gives you teacher qualifications. Focus areas are teacher collaboration and networking as well as continuous training for lifelong learning.


To whom? For the staff and researchers in the higher education institutions Åbo Akademi University, the University of Vaasa, VAMK, Novia and Arcada universities of applied sciences.


Where? All courses can be completed as hybrid courses, where you in part can participate – depending on the course – for example in Vaasa or in Turku, and in part participate remotely.


How? You can take courses in English, Finnish or Swedish.


Basic studies, 25 ECTS

Introduction to teaching in higher education, 5 ECTS*
Didactical design of courses in higher education, 5 ECTS*
Digital teaching and learning in higher education, 5 ECTS*
Digital tools for teaching and learning, 5 ECTS*
Teaching practice 1, 5 ECTS

Intermediate studies, 35 ECTS

Educational counselling and supervision, 5 ECTS
Pedagogical content knowledge, 5 ECTS
Curriculum leadership, 5 ECTS*
Teaching practice 2, 5 ECTS
Digital literacy and information resources, 5 ECTS*
Developmental work research, 5 ECTS
Research and development work, 5 ECTS


You can choose courses marked with * in academic year 2018-2019
**The application opens in August

N.B! If the course is fully booked and you want to be on the reserve list, please, contact edulab@tritonia.fi.


You can choose separate courses instead of the whole study module. 

It is possible to get credits from previous courses in higher education pedagogy transferred to this study module:

Course descriptions and register for courses


Contact information: edulab@tritonia.fi


HELLA – Higher Education Learning Lab is a research based and research supported development project on higher education pedagogy that is developing and piloting a new multilingual 60 ECTS study module in higher
education for the needs of the universities and the universities of applied sciences 2017–2019. The HELLA project is one of the key projects of the Ministry of Education and Culture. More information about the project.


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