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Green Screen

The Green Screen is a transformative tool that can place you in any scenery you like and can be applied to almost any type of video. It allows you to edit the background afterwards,which can consist of a picture, a videoclip or keywords of your choice.




One of the benefits of using a whiteboard in your video is that you allow the audience to follow the process of what you do step by step. This is useful when illustrating the relationship between different concepts.

At our studio you can choose between a traditional whiteboard or a digital whiteboard. The latter allows you to save your notes and drawings into a PDF document. Our staff will be happy to instruct and assist you when needed.



If you wish to make a video of writing or drawing on paper, the lightbox is a good option. It is useful when you want to illustrate your subject by hand, whether it is a calculation or figures, with or without narration. It even allows for making small scale stop motion animations! The lightbox optimizes the light of the setting, and an iPad works as the camera.



Using Wirecast, you can smoothly make videos requiring minimal amount of editing afterwards, as this can be done during filming. It is possible to use footage from several angles and simultaneously show what happens on your screen. Wirecast can be used both for live-streaming and recordings.



Zoom is a flexible tool for video communication. It can be used to hold meetings and teaching sessions online, allowing for interaction between the teacher, and students participating both physically and through the virtual meeting room. You can choose between sharing live-image of yourself or share your screen to show for example a presentation.

Zoom sessions can be recorded and hence the software can be used for recording lectures and shared afterwards. For interactive participation you need a computer or mobile device with camera and microphone, and a steady internet connection.


Screen Recording

A screencast is a recording of your screen and is most often accompanied by your voiceover narration. You also have the option to include the image of yourself speaking.

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