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For new students, the course "Introduction to Academic Studies" includes a section on library and information seeking. The content is planned in co-operation with the degree programs according to their needs and the current course-plan. The course includes the following topics: the library and its services, the Finna search service, basic information search technique, introduction to the information sources offered by the library.


For students writing their thesis, education is e.g. offered as part of courses in research methods or similar courses. During the education, a closer introduction to information seeking and subject-specific information sources is offered. The content of the course can be agreed upon more specifically with the teacher. Education in information seeking can also be offered as part of other education, for instance as part of the subject covered on a course.

Individual tutoring in information seeking is offered via info services or by direct contact to the information specialist of your own unit/subject. It is also possible to get guidance in small groups according to your needs.

Contact persons:

Carina Engblom,
Information Specialist
Technology, Business, Culture
Gun Vestman,
Information Specialist
Social and Health Care, Beauty care
Jakobstad See above
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