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Do you need help with information retrieval? The library’s information specialists can guide you in the information retrieval process and give you advice on how to use information resources.

The guidance in information retrieval is free of charge. More extensive information searches (over 60 min.) are subject to a charge. The information service and the guidance in information retrieval are primarily intended for students and staff at the University of Vaasa, VAMK, and Novia UAS. 

Information service is available online and in the library. Contact us!


Please note that you can't book a tutorial in July!


Book a tutorial

Book a tutorial

Make an appointment to meet an information specialist within your own field. During the appointment, you can get help with finding and using information resources in your subject and get search tips.


Ask the library

Ask the library

Do you have questions about borrowing, interlibrary loans, searching information, e-resources, etc.?


Contact the library –
Information service online opening hours and contact information

Tritonia – Vaasa:
Information service is available Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00, please contact us by e-mail or via chat.


Tritonia PopUp at Alere

Information service is given at Alere, in room C120.1, on Wednesdays at 12-14, during the period 6.10-24.11 (nb. not 20.10). Information service available also by e-mail or chat, see above.


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