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Tritonia’s strategy 2021-2024: Empowering the knowledge of tomorrow

Tritonia’s strategy in pdf format


People first
We are here for you.

We look towards the future. We have the courage and willingness to modify and redesign our services as the scientific community changes.

Our actions support scientific and researched information as well as openness by guiding towards critical thinking at the same time.

We act fairly and ethically. We promote sustainable development.


The Academic Library enables high-quality studying, teaching and research by offering our organizations versatile information resources as well as education and guidance in information retrieval in three languages. The Academic Library is a scientific library open for everyone.


The Academic Library’s proactive services and information resources inspire studying, teaching, research and integration to work life. With our expertise, the library is a part of the university community and reinforces the impressiveness and international competitiveness of the operators in the region. The Academic Library offers a lively environment for creating new information.

Change factors within the operational environment

  • The significance of researched information in society
  • The flexible use of facilities, services and resources in the rapidly changing environment
  • Digitalization creates new possibilities for the practices in education, research and publication
  • The global competition in education and research
  • Open science
  • The new policies and infrastructures for managing research data and metadata
  • Sustainable development (Agenda 2030)
  • Lifelong learning


  1. Our expert services are sought-after, dynamic, well-timed and of high quality.
  2. Our services further the digitalization of education and research.
  3. The utilization rate of our facilities is high, and they inspire the creation of new information.
  4. Our education in scientific information retrieval is constantly developing and internationally competitive.
  5. We promote open science.
  6. We are the meeting place for multidisciplinary collaboration at the campus.
  7. We promote lifelong learning.
  8. We listen to our customers and develop our services accordingly together with the universities and other interest groups.
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