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Closed 24.6 – 31.8

The library and the reading rooms are closed 24.6 – 31.8.2022

The new library opens 1.9.2022.

Extended loan period

No loans from Tritonia Vaasa have due date 24.6 – 9.9.2022.

Interlibrary loans service closed

Requesting interlibrary loans service 6.6.-31.8.

Sending interlibrary loans service 20.6.-31.8.

Remote storage 2

The publications and theses of the University of Vaasa

Order material

[Päivitetty 8.8.2022] 


The return box at the new Tritonia in the Luotsi building is now in use. The box is placed about 15 m to the right of the main entrance. The old return box is no longer in use.


[Updated 2.8.2022]


The web pages are being updated and there are still some old information. If you want to make sure of something regarding the library, please contact us via chat on the front page, or phone 029 449 8258.


[Updated 27.6.2022]


The library is closed and the move is proceeding rapidly. The shelves are taken down and the self-service machines for returning and lending are being disconnected. You can still renew your loans and use the return box. Have a nice summer!


Tritonia´s acquisition service is closed in July, but the acquisition form is open online.


[Updated 7.6.2022]


In June the books from the subject collections are being relocated to the first floor. Frequently used research literature and newly acquired books will be placed on the first floor and later moved to the new library. Remaining books from the subject collections will be placed in closed stacks. From the autumn you can request for these using Finna. Also textbooks will be available in the new library.

Please contact the library staff if the material you are looking can’t be found.


[Updated 10.5.2022]


Take advantage of longer loan periods in the summer! Because the library is closed from June 24th to August 31st, loans will not become due during this time. The first due date after the summer is September 12th. You will have this due date if you borrow books from the general collection after May 26nd, textbooks after June 9th or short loans after June 22nd. This applies also to renewals. 

You can make reservations in the summer but they cannot be picked up until September 1st from the new library. The return box in the Tritonia building will stay open as long as possible and will be closed only when the return slot in the new library in the Luotsi building is opened.


[Updated 28.3.2022]


The library is moving from the Tritonia building to the Luotsi building during the summer. The moving process has already started and changes in collections can cause noise and disturbance in the library. We apologize for any inconvenience!


The library is closed 24.6 – 31.8.2022 and the new library opens 1.9.2022.


The collections will in the future be located both in the newly renovated Luotsi building next to Wolffintie and in two remote storages on campus. The library will also continue to offer flexible group rooms and reading rooms for students. There will be only a few computers for information retrieval, otherwise bring your own device.


Textbooks, frequently used research literature and newly aquired books will be available in the library.


Remaining research literature and theses will be moved to remote storage 1 during the summer. From the autumn you can request for these using Finna.

Remote storage 2 with publications and theses of the University of Vaasa and special collections is already in use. You can make a request for a publication located in the remote storage using this form. You will receive a notification by email when the publication is ready to be collected at the pick-up shelf in the library. The publication will arrive within 1-2 working days after sending the request.

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